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Trainer Udo Bips

My name is Udo Bips.

I am a vice president and chief-instructor of Wacima Germany.
Also a 3rd level instructor of International Wang Academy.
I am representative of UPCTU for Germany.

I am certified as Taiji Instructor by German Netzwerk Taiji Quan and Qi Gong.

I started with Tai Ji in October 1993 at Bensheim's Volkshochschule. In courses 3 times a week I learned from Leo Wagner for 5 years the Yang Style form of Master Chu King Hung from London ITCCA.

In September 1994 I met Master Xu Guo Ming (George) at Taunusstein and since then I had trained with him every year until China Camp 2010 about 30 to 60 hours on Chen Style Sword Form, the 8 immortals sword form, Xing Yi exercises and various Qi Gong, also a little Chen Style Tai Ji form.

In 1998 I had the opportunity to train with Master Ye Xiao Long in a seminar held by Master Xu Guo Ming. Master Ye teached inner qualities, find your root and inner strength.

In 2000 and 2001 Xu Guo Ming held seminars with the famous Master Wang Hao Da in Germany. I  learned some steps on Wu Style Tai Ji of him and also his understanding of Qi Gong, also in a few private lessons about his famous energy.

Xu Guo Ming founded in China Camp Dec 2004 the WACIMA (=world wide association for chinese internal martial arts)
and I am a vice president and chief-instructor of Wacima Germany since then.

Since 2002 I have been training in seminars at Taunusstein the Yang Style with Dr. Wang Zhi Xiang. He teached us part 1-3 of the longform- Also I joined him on China Camp 2004 organized by Xu Guo Ming in many sessions, to study Dr Wang's form. It was amazing. Dr Wang's Yang Stile form is so different and much smoother  and the energy is flowing constantly.

In China Camp 2004 I met Master Wu Mao Gui, who is a master of Tong Bei Quan. Also Master Wu visted Bensheim in 2005 and 2006 for 1 week. His Southern style of Tong Bei Quan enlarged my understanding of martial arts a lot, as he does real fights in the park every day.

In China Camp 2004 Master Qian Zhao Hong teached his 10 animal Xing Yi, and I studied with him in some lessons this other internal  style.

Dr. Wang visted us in Bensheim first time in 2005, and since 2014 each year. Since 2008 I studied with him most twice a year in 2 to 10 day long sessions in Spiazzi, Castelletto di Brenzone, San Zeno, Sestola.  I was around in Italy with him when he founded 2012 the Wang Academy.

In October 2006 I was certified as Tai Ji and Qi Gong instructor from the German confederation
Bundesvereinigung Taiji Quan and Qi Gong, and have since then every 3-years been recertified..

In China Camp 2007 I was in training with Wu Mao Gui, also I met master Yun Yin Sen, famous for his Liu He Ba Fa style.

In China Camp 2010 in Langfang City near Beijing I was 10 days in training with Liu Bo Xue in exercising the 24-gestures Beijing Form, also with Zhao Ya Jun exercising his Northern Tong Bei Quan basic movements. In 2011 & 2013 master Zhao Ya Jun also visited Bensheim.

I am a 3rd level instructor of Università Popolare Wang Academy, an association founded in Nov 2013 by Dr. Wang and friends.
Since 2013 I joined each year an eight day long summer camp in Folgaria. While I had learned for many years the standard form in section 1-3-, we have started in 2010 the combat form section-1, which is leading us back to the ancient movements of original Tai Ji, which was not so much emphasizing on health, but also on self defense

Since August 2018 I am learning 2nd traditional Yang form also from master Ling Jian Xiang from Shanghai as part of Folgaria summer camp activities.

I am happy that Dr Wang is still trying to make us understand Taiji and Qi Gong and the secrets behind the scenes.
Without Dr Wang we would not understand so deeply. He is a great teacher. Thank you for all the time you spent with us. 

E-mail address: udo@vfl-taiji.de

Phone: +49 177 3922 684

Im Tiefen Weg 14
64625 Bensheim



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