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Isidoro_Li_Pira     Isidoro_Li_Pira_et_Dr_Wang_Zhi_Xiang

Master Isidoro Li Pira is head of IACMA clubs in Lugano & Locarno in Switzerland.

We know him from 2004 China Camp in Suzhou, and met him since then many times during sessions, seminars and camps of Dr. Wang Zhi Xiang.

He is a great teacher. He studies the details until he has made all of them part of himself, and this makes the huge difference for us, who often want to learn too quickly.

He is a teacher of Taiji Quan, Qi Gong, Tuina, and many more disciplines. You can read more about him on his IACMA site.

Here you can find a video of 85 Yang Style Standard Form following Dr. Wang Zhi Xiang performed by Isidoro Li Pira.

Also a few basic movements in taiji walking and first form position names,
all to demonstrate how Water Style Traditional Taiji Quan works.

Next opportunity to join training sessions in Germany with Isidoro Li Pira will be in April 2022 in Taunusstein from 7 to 11 April.




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